Sunday, February 1, 2015

Real Men Dont Hit Women

The song I used in the last segment of this video is by Mary J. Bliege entitled No More Drama. This video is a 2015 update on my progress and exposes the truth behind my decision to leave Mark Angelo Cummings. Around 3:45 it shows him breaking down and vaguely and briefly describing the truth. I help him along with that description. Domestic Violence and Abuse is all too common against woman and it needs to stop. Women need to break free of these arrogant narcissistic jerks and out them for the monsters they are just as I do in this video. Anyone that supports an individual that can beat a woman and put her through abuse is a piece of trash and no better than the abuser. The video is also to show my progress on HRT as well as the fact that there is life after Domestic Violence and that no woman needs to be stuck in that situation. I am now happy and have made many new friends and I love my life so should you.